Does your charge any application fee?

As the operator of this website, we do not charge any application fee. Only upon the payday loan offer each and every online lender will inform the borrower about all applicable fees and other charges. The potential borrowers should read the loan agreement carefully and thoroughly to make sure that they understand and realize all the terms. Otherwise, contact your lender directly to define the details and ask questions.

What are the requirements to qualify?

– You should be a legal resident or a citizen of Canada

– You should be at least 18 years

– You should have a bank account

– You should be employed.

Is my personal data protected?

We really respect your privacy, thus use a particular system, like 128 bit SSL encryption, to protect your personal data and keep this information secured.

Do I need a full-time job to qualify for a payday loan?

You are not obliged to have a full-time job to become eligible for the service. There are a lot of part-time employees who meet the major qualification criteria. The major factor is your solvency meaning that you must afford to repay the borrowed.